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“JUST ABRASIVE CLOTH” – the new HERO deburring discs


Product news

16. October 2017

The deburring and rounding of components must be done in the shortest possible time, at the lowest cost and according to quality requirements. For this, solutions are needed that can follow the quest for extremes.

The new HERO product family represents a technological leap in deburring and rounding. Highest abrasive density combined with extreme flexibility of the abrasive flaps is made by new arrangement and slitting of the abrasive flaps. Due to the new arrangement and slitting structure of the abrasive cloth, the new discs have much more abrasive cloth and increase the performance of deburring machines.

We will be pleased to give you advise and help you with our know-how to find an economical solution for your process.

Engratteller HERO Produktfamilie V1