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Sheet metal deburring with boeck’s tools

Our tools improve your „sheet metal deburring“ process. The tools are for slag and oxide removal, deburring and rounding of edges, and surface finishing.

Injuries hazards can be reduced on sharp sheet metal edges, large edge-rounding for a perfect coating or decorative surfaces can be achieved.

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Deslagging, grinding, deburring and edge rounding

The „sheet metal deburring“ process is massively focus on the enterprises. The increase in quality requirements, the willingness to achieve shorter turnaround times and the production of savings have allowed automated deburring machines to be increasingly used.

Novel deburring machines are usually equipped with several stations and allow integrated implementation of different processes. With appropriate tools, the processes of slag removal, grinding, deburring, rounding, oxides removal until the finish-grinding can be realized. Slag removal tools to remove the strong melting residues in plasma or gas cutting sheet metal are slag hammer brushes with a variety of flexibly mounted pins.

Primary burrs, spatters, unevenness and/or scale layers are normally removed with belts, discs or sheets. The deburring and edge rounding takes place through flexible abrasive tools in the form of discs, rollers or blocks. Here, secondary burrs are removed and the sheet edges are rounded up to 2mm or even larger.

If the cutting edges need to be freed from oxide layers, oxide brushes with flexible wire fill can be used to achieve blank metallic edge surfaces. The last step allows to make different types of sanding and finishing polishing. Grinding fleece, grinding tissue and felt tools are used.

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Sheet metal deburring is our key skill

Boeck GmbH develops and manufactures the latest deburring technologies for sheet metal processing. On the one hand, tool development takes place on the basis of the deburring requirements of our customers and, on the other hand, we perform basic tests.

In this way, we develop a deep knowledge of the influencing factors and their interactions within the deburring process and translate this into deburring solutions. Our customers benefit from deburring tools that are perfectly tailor-made to your needs, as well as process know-how in terms of optimal process parameters. The tools are produced by MADE IN GERMANY with highly qualified personnel and the use of the latest, highly integrated machining technologies. In terms of production objectives, we achieve maximum efficiency, particularly through the automation and continuous digitization of administrative and technical processes.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers benefit from the best quality tools possible, very economical and personalized in the shortest time.

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Your benefits with Boeck’s deburring technologies

Saving processing time

By customizing the tools process times can be reduced. A customer application shows that savings up to 50% of deburring processing time can be achieved.

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Maximising the edge’s rounding

The latest generation of deburring discs with an innovative layout and structure maximizes the density of abrasive elements, increases the performance of burr removal and edge rounding as well as the performance of deburring machines.

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Optimization of the deburring process

Optimizing the entire process chain from slag removal and pre-grinding to deburring, rounding and oxide removal to surface finish is our claim.

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