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BOECK - Enthusiasts in technology

“Impossible” is a foreign word here: Anyone who has had experience of the two entrepreneurs knows that the engineers Marc and Jochen Böck are certainly no normal „manufacturers“…


Enthusiasm for the best possible solution

Rather, in the Bavarian-Swabian town of Leipheim, something unique happens. For this is where the brothers and their specialist team devote themselves, body and soul, to the development and production of tools – predominantly for sheet metal deburring. This is founded upon an extraordinarily profound understanding of application technology.

In addition, they bring to their work state-of-the-art, personally constructed manufacturing technology that is at the limits of what is technically possible, as well as optimally coordinated highperformance processes.

That just leaves the most important ingredient: a burning passion for perfection! All this comes together to give „Made by boeck“ tool solutions that are both convincing and surprising. And this is precisely what creates genuine enthusiasm, time and again, from customers all over the world, as well as from their own employees!

Boeck Technologie Entgratwalze

Overview of our benefits

Innovative solutions for sustainable competitiveness.

Our customers profit from our highly developed consulting and application expertise. This know-how guarantees maximum competitiveness through high-performance processes in every production.

We manufacture „Made in Germany“ quality.

With high-level automation and state-of-the-art, self-developed production technology, we produce quality tools for you. That‘s how „Made in Germany“ works.

We set standards in terms of speed.

Almost all of our tools are dispatched the same day they are ordered. Because standstills are not an option.

Our success formula for your profitability.

Consistent full automation plus intelligently structured processes equals maximum profitability.

We are perfecting the future.

That crucial added value for our customers is the focus of our thoughts and actions. That‘s why we are always working, with perfectionist standards, at the limits of technology – and making a splash as we go!

Important milestones

  • Juli 2013
    Founding of boeck GmbH
  • 14. Oktober 2013
    Sale of the first product – the QUICK 115 deburring disc
  • Oktober 2014
    Launch of a new generation of deburring wheels & Development of quick-release systems
  • März 2015
    Further product development to multi-row deburring tools
  • 21. Oktober 2016
    First patent application
  • April 2017
    Doubling of the production area
Karriere Metallentgratung Boeck

Career at boeck

We are constantly searching for people who advance us technically and humanely. Sounds good? Then we are looking forward to your application!

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